Epoxy Coating

Epoxy Coating is the most durable and longest lasting solid in the market.  We’re able to apply this coating in the garage, patio, industrial or commercial concrete or wood flooring.  There are different thickness options which you can choose from.

Our project manager can meet with you to discuss available options that will look best in your home.  Epoxy coating is perfect for rough  and pitted concrete floors due to the self-leveling nature and 100% solids with non-shrinking formula.

Wallcraft is exceedingly understanding and reliable. One thing I liked was their great customer service. Whenever I needed something done I never had to worry about following up with them to make sure it got done.
Shane DiNatali, Director of Purchasing
My biggest worry about hiring a painting company is quality of the work being the done by the workers.. However, Wallcraft workers painted my home with such excellence and the interaction was beyond professional.
Vincent Veccharella, WCI Communities
I found my experience with Wallcraft to be amazing. I was able to communicate with them easily and the work they did for me was truly professional. I would highly recommend them to any developer.
Larry Frankel, Frankel Homes, Inc.
Being in high-end residential homebuilding for over 15 years, some contractors stand out above the rest.. Wallcraft is one of those companies. Bill is very responsive to the demanding wants and needs of his clients. Wallcraft is the perfect blend of quality and value
Alex de Chabert
Working with Wallcraft Custom is a pleasure and I know they’ll always get the job done right. Their employees are professional and always represent themselves well.
Pete Giaquinto